Club Jump In #1- Bocce Ball Club


Brooks Hauge

Bocce Ballers having a blast at their monthly “Frat Friday” meeting.

Jack Engelmann and Brooks Hauge

Hi there, here at RJ Media we are always thinking of new ways to bring the activities at Regis Jesuit to you. We are happy to announce the start of our new series, “Jump In”. In this series, we will go to different club meetings, participate in their events, and then bring the results to you.

With this series we hope you will become a bigger participant in clubs around Regis Jesuit and maybe even find a secret talent you didn’t know about.

With the first ever Regis Jesuit “Jump In”, we went to the co-divisional Bocce Ball club meeting on Friday, October 30.

The Bocci Ball club was founded this year and is currently having around 20 members a meeting.

The whole atmosphere of the club was excited. “Bocce ball is a fun sport to play with your friends. It’s laid back, you have a good time. Everybody enjoys it and it’s a good way to connect with friends,” President Charlie Korell says. Everyone wants to be there and participate. But be warned, it’s a fierce competition to be the best one there and win the most games.

Besides playing Bocce Ball, the club uses its weekly meetings to show off their fashion. Their “Frat Fridays”, are very popular among members of the club.

“Almost every single person in the club dresses up and participates,” says Austin Mann, the Social Chair to the Club. On Frat Fridays, the members of the club dress up as frat boys/girls and show off their style.

When we hopped into a game, the first thing we realized was how much fun the game is. The strategies you can use to push the opponents ball away can be very complex. The game has different tactics you can use to win. The second thing we noticed was the energy of the club. Everyone is having so much fun and laughing all the time. You hit a shot and everyone claps or slaps you on the back.

“It’s a community”, says Charlie Korell. “Everyone knows you there and is always friendly.”

The club is looking for more members from all grade levels to participate. So if you’re ever looking for something to do at lunch on McNicholas Green, consider checking out the Bocci Ball Club. You won’t be disappointed.