Despite Variety of Clubs Offered: Lack of Club Participation

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Why the lack of club participation?

At the beginning of every school year, students from both divisions, of all grades, come to McNicholas Green to take part in the club fair. They visit the tables set up and write their name down to participate in the clubs. This year, students have been talking about the lack of club participation in clubs that were popular last year.

A mixture busy schedules and hard classes have limited club participation to a monthly basis, if at all.

“I’ve really only been attending one on a regular basis, since thats the only one I’m available for,” says Jackson Chaplick. Many students feel that if clubs made more of an effort to meet at a dependable time, they would be able to work it into their schedule.

Clubs are meant to be a social event at Regis, a way to make new friends and have a good time. Some club owners have found that the majority of their members are good friends and in their same grade level. “We would like to see more membership from grades other then the sophomore class,” says Charlie Korell, President of Bocce Ball Club.

Some of the seniors and juniors have stated that their experience with clubs was way different then what it is now. They remember clubs having way more participation when they were freshman and sophomores. “To be honest, I’d have to give overall club participation a 4 out of 10,” states senior Hans Schulze. Are the iPad’s to blame for the lack of club participation?

Clubs are a great way to make new friends and get active or learn a new skill. So try and get out there and join a club!