Spanish Honors Society and Latinos Unidos Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Spanish Honors Society hosted a Cinco de Mayo celebration here on Regis Jesuit campus during lunch. According to Sofia Rivera, “Spanish Honors Society focuses on showing RJ just how amazing the hispanic culture is and how important it is to America.”

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday celebrated by latino communities in the United States to mark the anniversary of the 1862 victory by Mexican troops over invading French forces at the Battle of Puebla. People all around the U.S host festivals, parties and events to value this victory more deeply. 

Mr Diaz, one of the Spanish teachers at Regis, elaborates on the idea and history of Cinco de Mayo. He says, “its a battle that happened in Puebla, Mexico. The French fought against Mexican people, and in this case the Acapuastlas, a group of people that fought with them, won. Some even say that if the French would’ve won then Spanish wouldn’t be spoken in Mexico.”

At the event there was several tables set up for students to openly involve themselves in the celebration. We asked Mr Paiz, one of the teachers helping out with the event, what was at each table. He says, “we’ve got an horchata and agua fresca table, then we’ve got a paint station.”

Some students gathered to celebrate this day by decorating the windows on the BD building with positive affirmations for the event, while other students participated in a Hispanic Trivia Kahoot hosted by Miles Herrera. Throughout all this Mexican drinks and candies were being offered and  many students were dancing to a traditional Mexican dance called “El Caballo Dorado.” 

We also got the chance to ask students about what their favorite part of the event was. One of the students, Corey Jordan, said, “I like the creativity, there’s a lot of fun colors within their clothes and things that they make. And as well as the music and the dancing.”