Music Production Club

The Future of Music

“You can create a sound that no one has ever heard before,” Said Andrew Hold ’19 “Its definitely the way Music is Heading”.

Music Production, or the formation professional tracks using a variety of electronic and live elements, has grown to encompass nearly all sides of the music industry, and has now taken shape as a club here at Regis Jesuit. This process of creating music using computers, is not only a field reserved for electronic music however, as almost every song that can be heard on the radio was mastered and produced using the same software available to those in music production club.

“It’s basically one overreaching software with capabilities to create any sound, style, genre, or song. The creativity though, thats on you. Its still only a tool,” Dawson Storrs ’19.

The Music Production Club meets twice a week in in the music rooms at Regis, where they work creating new unique tracks.

“I think it’s really helpful for me,” said Andrew ’19 “whenever you get stuck, you can ask the other guys for advice and get meaningful feedback right away.”

Anyone can join music production club as well, with the only requirement being a passion for music and that drive to become better. The club is designed to help people with all abilities and skill sets, and is hoping to expand next year.

To get started as a Music Producer, all that is necessary is a computer, headphones or earbuds, and software such as Ableton. While these element can be expensive, they are accessible for anyone in Music Production Club at Regis, and are the only major investments needed to become a producer.

The future of Music, it seems, lies within Music Production and so Regis has accommodated for this shift through the support of it’s very own Music Production club.