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By: Jo Macke & Isabel Otteson ’20


Wrestling is regarded as one the most grueling, exhilarating, and physically demanding sports out there. Not to mention the mental state one has to put themselves in to compete against others in ways no other sport will.

Members of the team have mixed feelings about their own sport. Dylan Hopper ’20, says “Wrestling sucks, but it’s worth it”. Kenobi Kinch ’20 on the other hand says “It whipped me into shape until I got injured. It is a little difficult since I have to take my glasses off during practice and meets, but it’s a nice challenge”.

Even though the team has thirty members, there is no set captain. On the varsity line up we have Sean Gilhooly ’21, Cliff Pinkerton ’18, Brody McGah ’19, Drew Shively ’18, Antonio Segura ’21, Isaac Barbosa ’19, Hayes Ward ’18, and Spencer Aye ’21 with Brent Bieshaar as the coach.

Varsity has secured a spot in regionals in Fort Collins, Colorado on Saturday, February 10th and are ready to prepare for state.